How Can I Increase The Range Of My VHF Radio?

Are you using a handheld VHF radio and don’t get enough range to connect people who are far enough away from your boat? If so, you may need to consider increasing the range of your device. 

Here, in this post, we’re going to provide the answer to your question “How Can I Increase The Range Of My Vhf Radio?

This is one of the common questions asked by many beginner VHF radio users. To make those people happy with their devices, this post wants to be a little part of them. 

We’ll give you some powerful tips and tricks that you can follow to enhance the overall performance and range of your VHF radio. 

So let’s get started!

How Can I Increase The Range Of My Vhf Radio?

Buying as much wattage as watt-powered you can is the first and best way to increase the range of your radio, apart from this, you can increase the height of your antenna.

As far as our research, the range can be lower and higher based on your usage, meaning if you’re not familiar with the proper use of a VHF radio, the reason for your low range might be caused by yourself. 

So when considering enhancing the range, there are so many factors you may need to learn to get a good performance from your device during your communication. 

Why Should You Increase The Range? 

People want more and more, so in the case of a VHF radio, this is not exceptional because having and running a high-range VHF radio will allow you to connect people enough away from you. 

So if you face any issue at the seawater, you can easily send signals to other boats or coast guards for help, and this might be only possible once you have such a radio that has enough transmit power with a better antenna range. 

We have found the top four ways that every VHF radio user should follow:

  • First, make sure you have bought a high-watt powered VHF radio.
  • Hold your Antenna upright.
  • Charge Your Battery.
  • Try to Use a Fixed Mount Radio. 

Radio Buying: 

Since you want to increase the range of your handheld VHF machine, the first thing you should do is buy a high power device. Most handheld radio comes with a maximum watt power of 5-6.

So you should try to buy a device that has at least 5 or 6 watts of maximum power for a better range. According to, a 6-watts handheld radio can transmit signals up to 15-20 miles if the weather conditions are normal. 

But as our research says, the range might be lower even if the condition is normal when transmitting the signal because a 5-6watts handheld radio is not countable as a high powered device compared to a fixed mount device that has 25-watts power. 

But if you want to increase the range when using a handheld not fixed VHF radio, the first requirement is buying a higher watt device. 

Hold Your Antenna Upright.

One of the proficient methods of enhancing your antenna’s signal is to elevate the antenna to higher ground because your antenna works by radiating concentrated force either in a specific point of the compass or 360 degrees out from its middle signal-sending position.

So when your radio, you should elevate the antenna as high as possible. But make sure the radio is close to your mouth and the person you are talking to can hear you better.

Charge Your Battery.

If your battery is low on charge, your radio may be interrupted to transmit signals over long distances. although many people don’t think this common thing is a big factor that can affect the signal. 

Here what we recommend is you charge your handheld radio battery fully before using it and do not use the device unless you need it for emergencies. 

Tips: you should try to buy a high voltage battery with your radio, and since there are so many options available, we have previously posted an article about some advanced and powerful handheld radios for kayak fishing, firefighter, and offshore fishing. You can check all of them.

Try to Use a Fixed Mount Radio. 

If you’re highly serious about your signal range and want to cover up to 60-80 miles, buying a fixed mount VHF would be an ideal option for you because this type of radio comes with a maximum of 25 watts of transmit power, while a handheld offers maximum 5-6watts. 

But a fixed mount VHF radio is not recommended for kayak fishing because it uses an external power source instead of using the battery.

Another benefit is you can install and set up an external antenna at a higher location with your fixed mount radio to improve the signal range, but in the case of a handheld radio, there is no chance to install an external antenna. 

We have a piece of good news for you, if you’re using a fixed mount radio, you can watch the video below to set up a new external antenna yourself at your home with a few tools and pieces of equipment.

A Detailed Video on How to Set up External Antenna For VHF Radio 


What is the maximum range of VHF radio?

Depending on the weather and the transmit power of your radio, the range will be determined, however, It is tested that a 25 watts-powered radio can cover up to 100-110 miles under normal weather.

How Far Will A 6 Watt Vhf Radio Transmit?

Some users say that they got up to 10-12 miles range from their 6 watt VHF radio, however, the range is dependable on so many factors like your current weather, radio power, power source. 

Why is VHF considered the best?

They are always the best and life-saving digital device. They are also effective for the marine sector for live communication. The best part of these types of devices is they have more consistent reception compared to any mobile phone or CB radio.


Wondering the idea of enhancing a VHF radio antenna range is an amazing tendency for all VHF radio users, so if you’re one of them, we’ll again suggest you follow the posted guide on How Can I Increase The Range Of My Vhf Radio.