Best Marine Two-way Radios – Their Features and Benefits!

There are many logical reasons why you should choose a two-way radio, and we think you’re already familiar with these reasons, which is why you’re staying on this page.

After endless research, we have managed a review of the best marine two-way radios. After reading the entire post, you’ll have a clear concept about a two-way marine radio, how to pick the best one, and so many things!

Before we jump into the primary topic, let’s tell you briefly about the two-way radios and why you should pick this instead of other radios.

What is a Two-way Radio?

A two-way marine radio can transmit and receive radio waves, and this device is not like a broadcast receiver that can only receive content.

A user can use this radio to transmit data to another user, but both have similar radios. The majority of people use this type of radio to communicate with each other in a large working area.

If you’re going to fish in the sea in a boat and want to communicate with other boats for help or different needs, A two-way radio will be the best available option for you!

Why Should I Select A Two-way Marine Radio? 

We can answer the question in a single word, “For Many Benefits.” But we want to explain the topic in a better way.

The first reason should be its design, and a two-way radio is designed to be lightweight and long-lasting. You can carry a two-way radio during emergencies, and it will continue to work perfectly!

When it comes to clear communication, the two-way radio will play a vital role in offering a clear voice in most conditions because most radios provide additional features to remove the extra background noise from your device.

Another reason that might attract you to try this device is its easy functionality. If you’re new to marine radio, you can use a two-way radio by following some essential guides!

Battery life is essential for an emergency because if your device fails to run in that time, you’ll not be able to call others for help. In this case, a two-way marine radio plays a vital role because a two-way radio comes with long-lasting battery life!

Best Marine Two-Way Radios

1. Retevis RT55 Marine Radio

The Retevis marine radio is the first pick and one of the most well-known models available in the market. It works excellent and provides healthy performance for long-range. 

This portable two-way radio will automatically update weather information and instantly alert you when severe weather is near you! It will also help you find ten weather channels to show you the latest weather updates in the sea!

The radio can be soaked in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes. The dust-proof body will allow it can resist harsh weather such as sand storms, heavy rain, and snow. 11 adjustable squelches will offer you a clear and active conversation without any interference.

The most attractive part of this particular device is its large LCD screen and oversized keyboard. The screen will show you the most helpful information in front of you, and the keyword will help you operate the device quite efficiently!

According to the company, this radio can float in the water, so if the device suddenly falls into the water, you don’t have to worry because it will float in the water. Thanks to the powerful corrosion resistance. 

The entire device weight is only 288 grams, so indeed, it’s an ultra-light radio that will be good for easy carry. It has an automatic backlight that will give you good performance at night time. 

In addition to these features, you’ll also love the keyboard lock mechanism, and it will prevent you from surreptitiously pressing around when you walk around!

The ergonomic design is also a significant part of this radio, with a side anti-slip thread for better handheld. 

The tri-watch function will let you monitor three different channels at once. The wide frequency range will cover all the USA and Canada and international marine channels without any hassle!


  • It can float in the water
  • Clear sound
  • Tri-watch mechanism
  • NOAA weather alerts
  • IP67 water-resistant protection
  • Large screen
  • Keyboard locking system


  • A little bit pricey

2. Uniden Atlantis 275 Handheld Two-Way VHF Marine Radio

The reason behind selecting this model in this list is the easy installation. If you are a beginner, following their installation guide will be enough to understand the entire thing.

But this is not the critical feature that we like a lot about the device. We like the triple weather alert feature, which will allow you to control multiple channels every 2 seconds. 

Its offers a large screen to watch enough information at once, easy to read channel numbers and icons. The user-selectable white backlight for the day and orange backlight for the night is also a remarkable feature. 

To ensuring enough safety for the users, it comes with fantastic safety features. It can receive all weather channels and alerts. The built-in flashlight will come in handy in emergencies.

This two-way device comes with six watts of considerable ocean power in a tiny submersible floating handheld VHF marine radio. The body size is compact enough to hold perfectly!

Users can select their preferred watts when they need 6w, 2.5W, or 1W transmit power. It can receive all marine radio channels, including all USA, Canadian, and international marine channels. 

It comes with a built-in Lion battery pack with AC and DC charging cables and a charging cradle. You will get 3-year Waterproof Warranty, so If there is any problem with the device due to water, they will repair it for free of cost!


  • Large Dual-color Screen
  • Built-in Lion Battery Pack
  • Receives All USA, Canada, And International Marine Vhf Channels 
  • Equipped With 6 Watts Of Power 
  • Compact Size
  • 3-year Waterproof Warranty


  • Cheap Belt Clip

3. Standard Horizon HX890 Handheld VHF

Presenting another powerful handheld two-way marine VHF radio that will meet your all needs, this device offering some additional advanced features than others such include two scrambler mechanisms, a built-in FM broadcast band receiver, waypoint, and route navigation, group control option, selectable daytime or nighttime mode, and more. 

The device is specially designed with a new ergonomic case design and tested to conform with the MIL-STD-810F. 

The powerful 1800mAH high capacity Li-ion battery will ensure you up to 11-hour operating time smoothly. It has a selectable transmit power of 6 watts. 700mW loud audio and noise-removing mechanism will guarantee you a clear and noise-free voice. The device can cover up to 4-5 miles of area. 

In the full-dot matrix display, you’ll be able to operate the menu efficiently. The built-in integrated 66 channel WAAS GPS receiver is one of the keys and advanced features of this model. 

If you want to make a group call, the group monitor function will come in handy for this job. This device is also dual, and triple-watch supported so that you can watch multiple pieces of information at once in one display. 

If you want to program custom commands for this device, you can do this by using the micro USB data jack included with the pack when shipping.

With this HX890 two-way radio, you’ll get all the accessories, including a 220V adapter, 12V charging cradle, PC programming supported cable and belt clip with lanyard, a rechargeable Li-ion battery, and some other required tools. 


  • The clip is removable
  • Rechargeable battery with high capacity
  • It comes with all the necessary accessories
  • Group control option 
  • Large full-dot matrix display to watch multiple information
  • 3 Year Waterproof Warranty


  • USB charging is NOT supported
  • Expensive
  • Deleting waypoints is a little bit difficult

4. Retevis RA27 Fixed Mount Marine Radio GPS

Retevis is a trusted brand specializing in wireless technology. They’re trying hard to research radio technology deeply to produce and offer stable, reliable, and cost-effective radio for businesses and families. 

It’s a fixed-mounted two-way marine VHF radio. If you prefer a lightweight and easy-to-operate two-way marine radio, the Retevis RA27 Fixed Mount Marine Radio might be your next pick. 

This device’s unique function is called the vibration drainage function that will help drain all the water entering the speaker. 

SBAS (Satellite-based augmentation systems) will allow a wide area through additional satellite-broadcast messages, and the NMEA will support different formats of transmissions. 

The NOAA weather alerts will help you to know the live weather update pieces of information. Since this device also supports dual and triple watches, you can use it in the USA, Canada, and international channels. 

The digital selective calling feature makes the device something special that is not only perfect for an emergency but would be a suitable option for daily communication in any non-emergency situation. 

It comes with a handheld microphone to make sure you have a clear sound quality and one mounting bracket for quick and easy installation. It offers a GPS antenna for ultra-long transmission, one DC power cable for secure and safe charging. 

In addition to these features, the device also offers some standard features such as the noise-removing system with the microphone, 25 watts high transmit power, one-key emergency switch, and so on!


  • Vibration drainage
  • Built-in GPS
  • Clear display to watch information clearly
  • DSP intelligent noise reduction
  • Lightweight and solid body design
  • 88 channels


  • The body material seems cheaper quality


It is better to say. First, The Cobra MR600W is not a budget-friendly marine radio, and it’s an expensive option for those interested in investing in an advanced and powerful two-way radio!

The unique part of this device is the rewind-say-again feature. The key responsibility of this feature is to record the last 20 seconds of incoming transmissions automatically!

It comes with an AC transformer that plugs into a DC charging cradle. Besides, this radio company offers a DC cigarette lighter-style charger for automobile or boat use. 

It offers a 2.5mm speaker for clear and noise-free communications. No matter how tall or small the hand you have, you’ll feel comfortable when holding the device for conversations.

Since this radio has a GPS waypoint mechanism, this will let you program where your boat is docked and use it. 

It can cover up to 5-15 miles range, and of course, the range will depend on the condition of our area. It will allow the operation of channels in Canadian, the USA, and internationally. 

With the help of its built-in GPS receiver, you can see your current location and send it with DSC calls. 

In the box, you’ll get all the necessary things such as a Li-lon battery pack, AA backup battery tray, a 12-volt accessory plug, a charging cradle, an antenna, and a user manual for user convenience.

Note: As you know, a low battery can affect the range, so keeping the battery fully charged will be an ideal job!


  • High range coverage capability
  • Stylish looks
  • GPS waypoint mechanism
  • Enjoy noise-free communications
  • Compact size
  • Backlit LCD Display
  • Memory Scan feature


  • this is a high priced device without any doubt


Since you want to invest in a suitable device, you have to research a lot before buying it. And not all marine two-way radios are ideal for all. 

Not all marine two-way radios are suitable for every environment or activity, so checking all the necessary features and benefits is the key to save your money!

The mentioned radios are highly recommended for your every need, and they can work well in any situation. They are also super durable and long-lasting! You can choose one or more of these based on your requirements. 

Hopefully, the review of the best marine two-way radios was entirely supported you to make the right decision. If you still have any queries, comment in the below section for more information!