What Is VHF Radio – An Endless Guide For You!

Knowing about a VHF radio is not necessary for everyone. However, suppose you’re one of them who are work in the seawater or any emergency workplaces as marine navigation and traffic control, summoning rescue services, and communicating with harbors, locks, and bridges. In that case, you must know about this device!

In this comprehensive guide on what VHF radio is, we’ll try to explain this specific topic quite clearly, so if you’re looking for a dedicated page, read the article till the end.

Let’s jump into the deep.

What is VHF Radio 

A VHF radio is such digital radio device used for different purposes to communicate with each other for help and needs. The radio primarily uses FM channels in the VHF (Very High Frequency) range between 156 and 174 MHz. 

The international telecommunication union designs the radio, and they call the device the VHF maritime mobile band. A VHF radio is not available in every country; however, most modern governments use machines for different jobs. 

If you’re from the United States, you’ll be able to use the device without registering any license; however, of course, you’ll require to follow some fundamental roles while using your radio for any commercial use. Rules here (www.fcc.gov).

In some specific countries, a license for a VHF radio is wanted. If you’re live in one of the European countries, you’ll notice that a short-range certificate is the minimum requirement of your area to use the radio. 

Who Use The VHF Radios.

As we said above, A VHF radio is not limited to work any specific place; it has multiple functions that will help you solve your communication issues in emergencies.

However, the primary uses of a VHF radio are in large workplaces, seawater, ships, kayak fishing, and boats. 

A VHF radio is used by ships to keep conversations or communication active when many ships work together on a large project or carry a heavy load.

This device is used by large ships as well as many small boats or kayaks at sea. So if you plan to fish on your boat or kayak in the seawater, using a VHF radio will ensure excellent safety for your life.

In addition to these, if you’re working on a large project on the land where you need to stay connected with the people around you, you’ll need these devices. 

Note: Using a VHF radio on land is not legal for a person without an approved depot station license!

The Type of a VHF Radio: 

Like other devices, A VHF radio also comes with a different model and type. The VHF radios are available in two models.

Although the two models seem two different devices, Their work is the same. Let me explain it in a short style!

Handheld: A handheld VHF radio is such a radio type that can be used on boats, vessels, cars, and you can carry the device because it’s a portable device. 

This type of VHF radio comes with a built-in and rechargeable battery, and the primary power source is only from its battery. 

This type of radio can’t cover a wide area, and it has only 5-6 transmit power that can cover up to 3-8 mile range from a small boat, and of course, the overall range will depend on the weather condition local area. 

Fixed Mount: On the other hand, a Fixed mounted VHF radio doesn’t offer any built-in battery or power source. You’ll need to get power from your car, vessel, or boat to use it. 

But in the case of more transmit power and covering a comprehensive range, you’ll prefer a fixed mounted model. This type offers a maximum transmit power of up to 20-25 watts. 

Due to the more transmit power, ultimately you’ll be able to cover more area with your device. According to the westmarine.com report, a fixed mount radio can cover up to 15-20 miles at a 25 watts transmit power level than a Handheld Radio. 

But if anyone wants something advanced, we’ll suggest the fixed mount radio, but the only issue with this type is you can’t carry it anywhere. 

The thing to note: Both types have some advantages and disadvantages, so when you decide to buy one of these, first know about their usage and benefits, and then pick one of them according to your needs.

The Advantage of a VHF Radio

The VHF Radios are pretty important because they can be the key to saving our lives. Another big reason why these radios are great is their effectiveness. They work better than a cell phone in emergencies.

The Significant Benefits Of Using A Vhf Radio: 

  • They play a vital role in Marine Communications
  • working well in even the rough weather to reach a long distance that cell phones can’t
  • we can save our life.
  • You can share your live location with others to get help or other things
  • Everyone can stay connected with other vessels or boats directly

The disadvantage of a VHF Radio

  • Some models cost a little bit more.
  • Installing and using a VHF Radio will require some technical knowledge for beginners.


A VHF radio is not a standard device that we usually use for our daily life.

We hope your question of “What Is Vhf Radio” was solved by reading the entire post from the page. If you still have any queries, let us know via the comment box below! I will try to answer.