Standard Horizon Hx210 Review – Why It’s The Best One?

In the world of handheld VHF radio, the Standard Horizon HX210 is a well-known face because it has all the features that meet the actual need of an emergency tool in the open water.

So if you’re searching for a post on Standard Horizon Hx210 Review, reading the entire post from the page would be enough for you to get an overall idea of this handy device.

Standard Horizon is one of the hard-working companies based in telecommunication and wireless technology; their contribution is in this industry is endless because they are always trying to produce such devices that will play impotent rules in the safety and communication field.

And the Hx210 VHF marine handheld radio is one of their specially produced models that is currently raking at the top of this competitive market!

Standard Horizon Hx210 Review

In a single word, the HX210 is such a powerful and lightweight device that it is within your reach. Due to its large backlit full dot-matrix display, it is pretty simple to read and watch pieces of information.

Although we can highlight all the features of this device shortly, since you’re highly interested in buying this model, it’s good to know deeply about the radio. 

In the below section, we have sincerely presented all about the model:

Design: in a single word, the Hx210 is a compact device. People who don’t want to use a compact radio can avoid it, but this small-sized radio might be your ideal solution if you want more control over your radio. 

The entire body looks black except for some of the buttons and the display frame. And the display block and some buttons are covered with orange colour. 

The weight is only about 0.9 pounds, and you’ll be forced to say that this device is lightweight; however, less weight is not something that you can count on as its feature. You’ll notice some people who love to carry heavy devices. 

The Hx210 is a good option for those users, but in the case of maximum users, lightweight means a great facility that gives peace!

The body is not equal. In some places, high and low can be noticed. However, the high and low shapes will not cause any issues while using.

If you look at the device from a distance, The design may seem like a toy mobile to you. However, the feel can be changed when you hold it and keep it close to your mouth, and you’ll taste a premium feel due to its premium plastic body and stylish look.

Transmit Power & Frequency: As the company mentioned, the radio is compatible with 6 watts of transmit power. You’ll be able to contact between 8-10 miles. Of course, the overall range will indeed depend on the weather condition of your area.

The Standard Horizon HX210 is a fully USA, Canada, and international channels supported device, and you can also rapidly call your nearly running boaters or US coast guard as well as state control to get help on emergencies.

Another built-in mechanism is the FM broadcast, and the FM radio will keep you updated by providing real-time news and updates. The noise-removing feature acts as a bonus option for users, and it ensures clear communication between two or more people while they are talking.

Display: A large display, especially for a VHF radio device, always plays an essential role for those who suffer eye issues when seeing something from a bit away. 

With this in mind, the company of this model made it with the largest display so that the users who have some issues with their eyes can watch the presentation. Although the display is not the highest, it’s enough!

Since it’s a dot matrix resolution on an LCD screen, eventually, you’ll get a bright look even when using it under direct sunlight.

Due to having an E2O menu, you’ll be able to operate the device without a solid knowledge of a VHF radio. 

The easy-to-operate menu will also come in handy in any pressures situation, meaning you can dial in the right channel and contact in time to pass out any severe message.

Battery Backup: Suppose you’re in an emergency in the open water, and you have an excellent VHF radio, but the radio’s battery cannot transmit the emergency message due to its low power, or the charge is almost finished. What would you do next?

You need to think ahead so that you do not have to face this situation. In this case, we always recommend buying a radio that has a large capacity battery so that the battery can back up for a long time.

The HX210 is designed with an 1850 mAh Lithium-ion battery that can give you a strong backup of up to 13-15 hours on regular use. The provided chargers are 3-hours rapid chargers.

What’s in the Pack?

It comes with all the necessary and standard tools such as the CAT 460 Antenna, an AC Charger, a Charger Cradle, a belt clip, a hand strap, and a well-documented user’s guidebook.


  • Lightweight
  • Large Capacity Battery
  • Built-in FM Broadcast band receiver
  • Ergonomic Case Design
  • Oversized full dot matrix display
  • Easy to Handle
  • Sturdy and robust


  • Users can only charge the device with the offered cables, not with the help of any USB cable
  • No Built-in GPS


Finally, the post of Standard Horizon Hx210 Review is going to be at the ending moment. However, the overall point about the device is it’s a compact and lightweight VHF radio that offers all the necessary features.

We’ll say the word in a standard style, “Best Value For The Money.”