Why Is It Illegal To Use a Marine Radio on Land?

The most important thing for a ship is maintaining contact with each other and the Coast Guard when needed. But how will this be possible? Marine radios play the most effective role in this case. It is used for its great ability to transmit signals between water and land over large areas of water.

Some people can get these radios for use on the ground. But is it important to know that radio works on the ground?

Marine radios can operate on land, but since they are originally built specifically for ships, it is illegal for anyone to use them on land without a Coast Station license.

But do you know why it is illegal to use a marine radio on land? If not, then we can help you. Let us know everything in detail through this article.

Why Is It Illegal To Use a Marine Radio on Land
Why Is It Illegal To Use a Marine Radio on Land

What is Marine Radio?

Before we know why it is illegal to use a marine radio on land, it’s important to have a clear idea. A marine radio is also commonly referred to as VHF radio, a two-way communication system used on ships.

These continue to be used not only from ship to ship but also from ship to land. Sometimes it is used for aircraft communication from ships. These are some of the scenes that work.

As long as the antenna is above the horizon, they can send and receive messages to each other, and this distance is about three miles.

Marine radio channels

We first mentioned that marine radio is like a two-way communication device. They have different channels that serve a unique purpose. Let’s find out.

The most important channel used in a marine radio is Channel 1. It is an emergency channel and is most commonly used for distress calls. Everyone who has a VHF radio must monitor Channel 16 to know if they are near the ship in danger.

Channel 22 is another important channel used by the Coast Guard to announce security broadcasts.

Commercial channels on VHF radio are used by cruise liners, merchant ships, and cargo ships. These channels are channels 1, 7A, 8, 10, 11, 18A, 19A, 63, 77, 79A, 80A and 88A. Pleasure boaters are meant to stay away from these channels.

In marine radio, channels 1, 5, 12, 14, 20, 63, 65A, 66A, 73, 74 and 77 are used for port management. Often pleasure boats, or recreational boats, use this channel to communicate in places without port operation.

Several other channels are used in marine radio. For example, Channel 6 is used for internship security communications. Channel 13 is used to request the opening of a bridge.

Whose license is required to use Marine Radios?

It is very important to have a license to use Marine Radios. You may never use it on water or land without a license. Many people ask why is it illegal to use a marine radio on land?

The main reason for this is that the radios are built to control the communication system from the ship. No one can use it if they want to. They will need a license.

If you want to use a marine radio at sea, the first step is to find out if your ship needs to have a law. From there, you can determine if you are eligible to apply for a radio use license.

How do you get a license to use Marine Radio?

This is a very important question. In the United States, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is responsible for issuing radio-permitting licenses. Whether you want to obtain a Ship Station License, Coast Station License, or Marine Radio Operator Permit, you must first go through the FCC.

If you need a Coast Station License, you will need to fill out several forms with the FCC, including:

  • Form 605
  • Schedule 605B
  • Form 159

If this is your first time filling out a form with the FCC, you will need a Federal Registration Number (FRN). In general, getting a ship station license is easier than getting a radio operator’s permit – which can prove quite difficult.

Final Thought 

Though marine radio is a very important thing to maintain connection, not everyone can use it. It is specially designed to use on the ship. If you don’t have a license, then you can’t use it on land. 

Do you know why it is illegal to use a marine radio on land? If not, then this article will surely help you. Here we try to discuss everything related to it. Thank you all.