Uniden Solara D Um380 VHF Radio Review in 2021

The Uniden Solara D Um380 is a fixed mount VHF radio that is completely ready for onboard installation. A maximum number of people not only suggest this model for its useful features but also its affordable price range.

So if you’re planning to buy this model, you may be looking for a complete post on Uniden Solara D Um380 VHF Radio Review, right? 

Well, no problem, here’s everything for you, we have highlighted almost every feature and its benefits to prove it as one of the most powerful VHF radios on the current market!

Uniden Solara D Um380 VHF Radio Review

In a single line, the Uniden Solara D is such a device that you can buy at a reasonable price. The radio can transmit on Canadian, US, and international marine channels at 1 or 25 watts of power output. 

It’s a class D capable device that supports DSC ( Digital Select Calling ) feature that you can use for sending signals when you face emergencies.

The useful features of the Uniden Solara D Um380 VHF Marine Radio

According to our research, we have found a feature that makes the device more powerful and useful, S, A, M, E technology. Let’s see what’s this!

SAME Technology: It’s a new technology that is mostly used in VHF radios. SAME stands for Specific Area Message Encoding. This technology was created by the national weather service. 

The primary job of this technology is to transmit a 1050 Hz warning alarm tone and encode information for audible or visual reception on radios provided to receive and decode such messages

Nowadays, this protocol is widely used only in the US and Canada, and its use as part of the NWR all Hazards alert network of weather radio stations. 

Memory Channel Scan:  Scanning is a method in which a VHF radio can be configured to control or receive more than one channel of users. There is a button on the bottom of the radio that you can use to scan channels which will be quite faster with this radio.

Digital Selective Calling: This fixed mount radio has a great feature called DSC. What this feature does is allow you to communicate with other vessels or cost gourds by making a dedicated call. 

The major benefit of this feature is it can work automatically, you can automatically transmit distress calls or messages with a single click to your DSC button. The DSC button is red which can be seen on the right side of the device. 

NOAA Alert Tone: Due to its weather radio receiver, you can set a tone that will be sent at a level of 1050 Hz. this thing will only work if your device has a tone alert feature!

Tri-watch Function: Since all the modern VHF radios offer this Tri Watch feature, the case of this Solara D Um380 is no exception. This feature will allow the operator to control multiple channels at once smoothly!

Dot Matrix LCD Display: The device uses Dot Matrix LCDs that offer some great advantages. it will produce quite bright images due to its high peak intensity.

In addition to its clear display, the size is also noticeable, the ‎1.75 Inches display size will ensure you enough place to see all your important information

NOAA Weather Channels: With the help of the NOAA weather channels, you’ll be able to stay up-to-date with your current weather and alerts. This service is broadcast continually directly from the National weather service offices.

Microphone Hanger: For a fixed mount VHF radio, a microphone hanger is important. The device comes with a microphone hanger that you can use to put the microphone. 

GPS Support: Although there is no built-in GPS functionality for this device, however, you can set up one but for this case, you’ll require an external GPS receiver. 

What’s in the pack you’ll get?

You’ll get all the necessary stuff that requires using the device and install it. The included things are: 

  • A mounting bracket and knobs
  • Necessary mounting hardware
  • Owner’s manual
  • A mic clip
  • 3-Year Manufacturer Warranty

Overall Performance: When it comes to considering the overall performance of a VHF radio, the first thing that comes to mind is the transmit power. The transmit power of this Solara D Um380 is fairly stable throughout the range. 

The receiver performance is great. The selectivity particularisation is about average at 67 dB. Audio quality is clear enough when communicating with others. 

Price: As mentioned, This item is within your reach, but by comparing its features with the price, this is nothing special, for this price point, you deserve all the features!

Frequently Asked Questions For Uniden Solara D Um380

Will This radio work in Brazil channels?

As far as we know from our research, this device has only the option for USA, Canada, and international channels. You can simply connect with the company and tell them your query!

Can I Get An Antenna With it? 

No, because suppliers think that shipping an antenna with a fixed mount VHF radio is an extra hassle, and this might be a reason why this device doesn’t offer an antenna with the pack!

What’s the weight? 

The weight is not too heavy, Can be called thin, it’s only 1.81 kg.

What’s the antenna connector type? 

The connector type is SO-239 (UHF Female)

Is the microphone equipped with a Rubber Grip? 


Is the device water-resistant?



We have tried our best to write a post about Uniden Solara d um380 VHF radio review, and we have enjoyed the entire journey, hopefully, you too!

Overall, The Uniden Solara d um380 is a multi-functional device that looks compact enough to fit tight spaces. Good sound quality, easy to use and it offers the best value for the money!