Why Is The Height Of A VHF Radio Antenna Important?

A good antenna of a VHF radio is always playing an important role in terms of covering more range to transmit the power to other radios in an efficient way.

Besides, when it comes to marine VHF radio communications, a more noticeable thing than all other factors is the height of the radio antenna. 

People frequently ask the same question “Why Is The Height Of A VHF Radio Antenna Important?” The short answer to this question is the higher you can place your radio antenna, the further you will be able to send or receive signals, and this is why the Height Of A VHF Radio Antenna is Important.

Useful Tips for Mounting Your VHF Radio Antenna:

As we know, the VHF radio’s waves travel in a straight line. Transmitting and receiving antennas must be able to see each other for connections to be valid, so antenna height is critical in determining range. 

To get the best result from your antenna for connecting others, you can consider some of the regular tips when mounting your VHF radio antenna on your ship, boat, etc. 

In the bellow section, we have shared a list of the useful tips: ( Note: if you’re a beginner at installing or using a VHF radio, you should get help from a professional  )

  • When installing the antenna, keep the controller of your antenna as close as your reach, because when you face any problem that needs to be fixed, so that you can simply fix it! and try to place the antenna in a safe place.
  • If you need to cover more area and would like to use more than 1 antenna with your radio, the distance between them should be at least 3-5 feet. 
  • Remember that if you notice any objects that might cause interference in the signal, you should keep them away from the antenna.
  • Try to make perfect connections of your VHF antenna with your primary electric power source.
  • Make sure that your radio is mounted above the light such as LED lights.
  • The coaxial cable that you would use to connecting your antenna to your radio must be a better quality wire
  • Before using your radio for any emergency stations, it is recommended to test your radio once you installed your antenna.

Tips: You should function your radio antenna properly because your antenna is not only receiving the signals but also helps in sending and adding with other devices around it!

Here we have also shared some advanced tips in order to get the best performance from your VHF radio.

Pick The Best Radio: You can not only blame your antenna if you didn’t get the right range from your radio because you’ll only get your expected result if you use your antenna with a good radio.

So picking the right VHF radio for your needs is also a thing that needs to be considered as a primary concern.

Here are some of our previously posted reviews that you can take a look at to find the best one for your requirements.

There are all great information

Tips: when picking a VHF radio, try to search for such a radio that can generate more output. Remember, the higher the wattage is, the better and clearer is the signal that it can send. 

Install a Repeater: installing an additional signal repeater is one of the most useful ways to boost up the overall range of your radio, the primary job of a signal repeater is to receive a signal from the antenna and resend it.

To use an extra repeater, you can buy one online and install it with your primary antenna yourself.

Use the Right Battery: There is no doubt that using a low voltage battery can reduce the original range of your radio. Most people use the standard 12 volts. This volt power will help you to create a better signal and which is why you’ll be able to get more range!

Care Your Antenna Properly: Your job should not be completed once you install the antenna, you should take care of your antenna. Remember that a neat antenna does a good job in transmitting frequencies. So you should avoid rust and corrosion to maintain peak performance.

What is The Best Height of a VHF Antenna? 

Since the height of a VHF radio directly impacts the overall range of transmission, it is good to place the antenna as high as possible. 


Placing your VHF radio antenna at a higher position doesn’t mean your radio will be able to transmit or receive signals From too far, of course, we agree that the height of a VHF radio antenna is important.

To get the right performance, you should consider the highlighted things that we have shared in this article. Hopefully, your question of why the height of a VHF radio antenna is important is now clear.